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Ranjitha Bra Size & Body Measurements

Ranjitha Biography is a fictional biographical novel written by S.S. Rajendran. This biography is inspired by the life and works of Ranjitha. Ranjitha was an important actress in early 20th century India, whose career spanned four decades. Ranjitha’s films include Kannan, Rana, Tintu and KayalPindra.

Ranjitha was born as Nandibodha Sundaram in Benares and was orphaned as a child. Her parents, annoyed by her nanny’s attitude that Ranjitha did not get proper education and had to live on the streets to support herself divorced her at the age of nineteen. She then spent the next ten years traveling throughout various parts of India and appearing in a variety of movies in Hindi, Tamil and Malayalam. Some of her most popular characters are mentioned below. Ranjitha: She is an important Tamil and Telugu actresses who appear in many popular television shows.

Bra Size & Body Measurements

Bra Size 34 B
Waist Size 27 Inches
Hips Size 36 Inches
Shoe Size 8  (US)
Body  Measurements  34-27-36 Inches

Nandiputra: This fictional character of Ranjitha’s is about a young woman who marries an industrialist while still a student in a film college. She later marries an industrialist of her own and becomes a household name in Tamil cinema as well as in Telugu and Malayalam. Ranjitha became famous in her first film “Nadisha” and her performances in Tamil movies “Tinnitus”, “Ranjith” and “Arundhyar” made her popular. Ranjitha’s other film roles are “Titanic”, “Killer”, “Alda” and “Bandit”.

Kavita: This is an excellent example of a female artiste who has made Indian films very popular in the Telugu and Tamil film industries. Kavita went to Malayalam for higher studies and studied theater there. She then joined the thriving Malayalam film industry and after some years became one of the best known women directors in India. She has made a number of hit Tamil and Telugu movies such “Shodh”, “Iruvar”, “Mankatha” and “Endhiran”. Kavita’s other notable films are “Killer”, “Nanban”, “Chakravan”, “Iruvar” and “Chikana”. Ranjitha’s other significant works are “Thalaivojivao” and “Thalapathi”.

Nandimberu: Nandimberu is another famous Telugu actresses and she too has achieved success in her life as an actress in various films. She played the role of a wicked villains in one of her best ever films “Chakravan”. Nandimberu also appeared in the films “Mankatha” and “Iruvar” along with Sharukh Khan and Madhubala. Nandimberu later on became married to Mani Ratnam and the couple had two kids – twins – named Ravi and Vinay. Nandimberu’s other notable film roles are “Kathak”, “Chakravan” and “Tribang”.

Ranjitha Biography: The name Ranjitha goes with one of the most renowned Telugu actresses – Sumeyya Kardule — and the first of three children she had with her first husband, Dayal Saravan. Sumeyya was an award winning actress before she got married to Kardule. She later went on to play a lead character in the film “Bend It Like Beckham” for which she gained critical acclaim. Ranjitha later appeared in the TV serials “Nemesis” and “Nemesis II” along with Sharukh Khan. She is currently busy in the movie business with the release of the film” wrestler” starring Shah Rukh Khan and is also scheduled to feature in the action-adventure “URS”. This interview with Ranjitha will give you an insight into what is happening in her life at the moment.

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