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Rosemary Clooney Bra Size & Body Measurements

Rosemary Clooney is an accomplished performer. She has been nominated five times for an Academy Award for her performances in films such as Monkey Business (2021), Alice (2021), Catch Me If You Can (2021), Edward Scissorhands (2021), and Rabbit Tail (2021). She has also gained international fame for her role as Jean Hershey in the movie World War Z. Other films that she has starred in include Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2021), Edward Scissorhands (2021), and Rain Main.

Rosemary Clooney was born in Brooklyn, New York City, to Italian parents. She was a bright, lively child who enjoyed music, movies, and theater. Rosemary started attending Touro High School, where she met her future husband, Matthew Lillard. They married in 1955 and six years later, the couple had a son, John; together they raised a family.

Bra Size & Body Measurements

Bra Size 33 B
Waist Size 24 Inches
Hips Size 35 Inches
Shoe Size 8 (US)
Body  Measurements  33-24-35 inches

Rosemary became known as a singer after moving to Manhattan where she sang at jazz clubs. Then she moved to California where she sang with various groups such as the Roxy Theatre, Old Line Family, Rosemary Clooney and the Sundance Kid, Dog Company, and the Frasier Show. After leaving the famous rock band the Big Band, Rosemary returned to Broadway, where she sang with the Original Kings. Rosemary Clooney also sang songs in several movies, most notably Who’s That Girl, Meet the Parents, Swing Low Girls, Grease, and Pretty Woman.

Rosemary eventually went on to voice parts on many other television shows, including the series Roseanne, Dinner For One, and Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. After her stint on Broadway, she guest-starred on the TV show Everybody Loves Raymond, and later on the series Everybody Loves George. After several years of working with well-known actors, Rosemary finally decided to return to Hollywood and sign withducers Richard Curtis and Associates for the film adaptation of her first novel, The Mysterious Friend. After the film did not do well, Rosemary decided not to renew her contract with ASC, and she left the project.

After leaving Hollywood, Rosemary continued to work with many notable names, including Josephine Skriver, Sterling Hayden, Frank Sinatra, Yul Brynner, and dancer/actor Joe Bennett. These days, she is happy to be a grandmother, as her grandchildren run around and take her pictures. She enjoys cooking and shopping, and she recently started writing cookbooks. As a member of the board of directors for Make-A-Wish Foundation, she helped to raise millions of dollars for thousands of children. As a result, Rosemary has become very involved in helping those who can no longer enjoy the things they used to enjoy, such as a vacation to Disney World. As she has seen the success of her first career, Rosemary now hopes to continue the charity work she is involved in, and to help make the world a better place for future children.

In her new memoir, Meet the Sunlight, Rosemary will write about her many charitable activities. Among other things, she has formed the Rosemary Clooney Foundation to help support cancer research. Her son, Austin, is an avid athlete, so she spends plenty of time working with athletes in and around Kentucky. Rosemary also loves to spend time with her grandkids, and she even wrote a book about her own life experiences, When You Can Walk on Water, which was published in 2021. In the coming months, she will hopefully be able to tell us more about her efforts as a philanthropist and speaker.

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