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Saba Hameed Bra Size & Body Measurements

Saba Hameed is an award winning Pakistani actress. She has appeared in a number of popular TV serials and movies. She began acting when she was still a student at college in Pakistan, which is where she gained a keen interest in acting. After getting a degree in communication, Saba Hameed pursued a degree in acting at the University of Bath in UK. Saba Hameed has also acted in a number of Hollywood movies such as Invictus, Arabia, Collateral, and The Thin Red Line among others.

Saba Hameed first came to the attention of the world when Pakistani actress Sajida Memon moved to Hollywood and was cast in one of the most successful films of all time, An Officer and a Gentleman (2021). The film helped Saba Hameed establishes her name in the Hollywood industry. Since then, Saba Hameed has gone on to appear in a number of well-received movies, most notably, No Ordinary Family, Million Dollar Baby, and The Secret. Most of her films have been directed by Pakistani directors, but she has also appeared in some independent films made by British producers. Saba Hameed’s breakthrough performance came when she was selected for the British television series, Broadchurch.

Bra Size & Body Measurements

Bra Size 36 B
Waist Size 28 Inches
Hips Size 36 Inches
Shoe Size 8  (US)
Body  Measurements 36-28-36 inches

Saba Hameed’s first husband, whom she had met while studying at Lahore college, was fired from his job and she decided to start dating a number of men. One of these was Majid Javed Anwar, a well-known Pakistani writer and film actor. When Saba Hameed did not get any calls back from Anwar, she started seeing him. Within a few months, she already fell in love with the man and they were planning to get married soon.

Saba Hameed’s early life was full of challenges and she had to deal with many issues in her personal and professional life. She fell desperately ill once because of a mosquito bite that caused an anaphylactic shock. After this, Saba Hameed had to spend three days in the hospital. When she recovered, however, it was to find that her body did not look like her former self. Saba Hameed finally realized that she was once again born a Pakistani, but this time, as an American.

Saba Hameed grew to be an incredibly strong character and was able to succeed in both her acting and television career. After several failed attempts at acting, Saba Hameed finally landed her first major role in a popular Pakistani soap opera, No Ordinary Family. In this role, Hameed plays sisters Saleh and Rehana. Saba Hameed did not think she would ever manage to get into the spotlight, but her first few shows and roles made her realize that she has the potential to be a great actress and performer.

Saba Hameed achieved her greatest success in her last year of acting, which was to star alongside her brother, who is very popular on television. The movie franchise, No Ordinary Family, was highly successful for Saba Hameed and paved the way for more Saba Hameed appearances. Her amazing performances as a sister and as a mother made Saba Hameed one of the most popular actresses in Pakistan and in the world. She was nominated for an Oscar and went on to receive several other awards including the best actress award at the Satellite Awards. Saba Hameed has also gone on to receive numerous honors for her outstanding personal life and her contribution to television and film.

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