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Saira Banu Bra Size & Body Measurements

Saira Banu is an actress from Kerala who has come to be very popular in the recent times. She is known for her attractive looks and appealing face. Saira Banu was born in Trivandrum, a small island off the coast of Kerala in the year nineteen sixty-six of the English era. Saira Banu was a quite famous personality in her time and had acted in many movies also. Her first notable role was in the movie “Singh in Kingsoon” where she played the title role.

Saira Banu’s most renowned film roles are Kismet Konnect, Namaste and Kambalaxy. Saira Banu has gone on to act in many other films as well. Her most known name though is that of Saira Banu and she has played this role since the mid nineteen seventies. Her most known measurements in her bio Height Weight

Bra Size & Body Measurements

Bra Size 35 B
Waist Size 25 Inches
Hips Size 35 Inches
Shoe Size 8  (US)
Body  Measurements 35-25-35 in

Saira Banu was trained in martial arts as a child and this has led to her being extremely fit and toned both in her youth and in her adulthood. Saira Banu’s strength and grace are inborn and this translates into her acting and physique as well. As an actress Saira Banu follows the same trends of other actresses from south Indian slums who are very lean and light weighted. Her body size is average in comparison to other actresses of her age who are considered overweight.

Saira Banu was married to Lalit Suri who was a prominent lawyer and was the Kerala’s District Magistrate. Saira Banu used to live with her mother in rented accommodation in Mussoorie and they were always seen together and even had many celebrated happenings in their small and narrow world. Lalit Suri was very much involved in Saira Banu’s schooling which was the reason for Saira Banu’s interest in martial arts which she pursued from a young age and she was a gifted pupil who impressed her father with her academic brilliance.

Wikipedia says Saira Banu was an actress in the early twenty-first century whose body was too heavy for her to take part in open-limb boxing which was done by the Indian film industry at the time. Her first role that can be remembered by people of Mussoorie is her performance in “Arundhati” in which she played the role of ‘Kuthumi’ the demon who sought refuge with the Gods in the caves of Mussoorie. It was this role that made Saira Banu famous among film directors and producers. There was a version of this movie, which was telecast on Indian TV and this helped her to popularize her career.

Saira Banu did not only focus on being an actress but also became a part of political and social scene as her name was linked to many events in India. As a matter of fact it was after her first major film role that Saira Banu started to work on different projects which helped her to create a name for herself and also made her famous. There is a Saira Banu biography lined up at the top of the page under her earlier names which can be found at the Wiki site. Her first five films that can be noted are “Arundhati”, “Bindu,” “Chup Kika” and most importantly “Singh In” where Saira Banu was nominated for the first, best actress award at the 65th Academy Awards.

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