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Samina Ahmad Bra Size & Body Measurements

Samina Ahmad is a Pakistani actress and stage artist, stage performer, director and producer. She is a veteran actress with more than 50 years of acting experience in the Urdu media industry. She has acted for most of the major successful television channels of Pakistan, such as Al Jazeera, Dogan TV, AHN TV, Dawn TV and CNN. She also acted in several feature films in Asia, such as Hero, Das Boots and Zabar Films in Pakistan.

Samina Ahmad began her career as a stage performer in Pakistan’s playhouses. Later she shifted to film and TV screen where her notable roles in some of her Pakistani co-productions earned her critical acclaim. She finally achieved success in English movie screenwriting when she was involved in the action-adventure romance “avinghma sharoon”. In that film, she played the title character of Shazahn Butt. Later she went on to act in the romantic comedy series “Singh in King” as well as her one-hour series” Fawad sahib kullu”.

Bra Size & Body Measurements

Bra Size 34 B
Waist Size 25 Inches
Hips Size 34 Inches
Shoe Size 8  (US)
Body  Measurements 34-25-34 Inches

From her acting days, Samina Ahmad has established a strong name in the world of Pakistani television and movies. She has been nominated several times for accolades, including an Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series – an honors that she is immensely proud of. Her other honors include accolades for script writing and for producing the successful teleplay for the movie “Muhammed”, a talk show on the cable network SKY. It was this kind of recognition that led to the rise in popularity of the late format and sharoon abool.

Samina Ahmad has been actively involved in producing and presenting Pakistan television programs for over twenty years, while also performing on screen and discussing issues concerning the country and its people in her talk shows. She has given interviews to international news channels and has also spoken at various open forums on the topics of fashion, music, literature and politics. All these activities have deeply impacted the psyche of the general public, who have always appreciated her sincerity and her concern for all those who live in Pakistan.

Samina was born in a poor family in the rural areas of Pakistan’s Lower Darwaz region. She was an only child and was sent to stay with her aunt and uncle in Lahore while her younger brother was away at college. When the family heard that Samina’s brother was getting a decent salary working as a doctor in Australia, they decided to send Samina to Malaysia to study medicine. From there, she earned a degree and passed her qualifying exam to become a professional physician in Australia.

After that, Samina moved to Australia and settled down with her husband. Her husband worked in a shipping company and encouraged her to pursue her acting career. Samina Ahmad worked hard at getting a degree in psychology and then got herself involved in writing books and participating in speaking engagements to increase her visibility as a Pakistani and human rights activist. Later on, she decided to get involved with Pakistani politics by becoming an active member of PTJ (PTI) and PML-PT. In 2021, Samina ran for a seat in parliament as a candidate for PML-PT in her country’s first ever national election.

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