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Sana Althaf Bra Size & Body Measurements

Sana Althaf was born in 1964 in Egypt. She began her career in Hindi and later on moved on to acting in English movies. Her most known role is that of Saleem Sinai in the film “Mazhabi”, in which she plays the role of a terrorist leader. In her later films, she has played different characters, all of which have been apart from her terrorist character.

Sana Althaf was educated in both Urdu and English, both of which are her first languages. She is of Indian and Pakistani decent, and was therefore, raised in both the countries. It was then that she decided to switch over to Tamil and later on to Arabic, so as to have an edge over other aspiring actresses in the industry. She is one of the few female actresses who had studied English, in a primary school before graduating from college. Her mother is also a qualified teacher.

Sana Althaf has been compared to various women in the cinema industry over the years, because of her dark brown hair, and olive skin. She has appeared in a number of films, both from a leading role and a supporting role capacity, and in all these films she has displayed her talent and skill in her acting. She has been nominated for the Filmfare Award for Best Actress in 2021, for her role in “Babu”, in which she played a supporting role opposite Kumarakom’s character Babu. She has also won many other awards for her roles in Malayalam movies, including the best actress award for her role in “Chinn.” She is currently up for an award for Best Actress in the forthcoming film “Chinn” in which she will again play a pivotal role.

Bra Size & Body Measurements

Bra Size 34 B
Waist Size 26 Inches
Hips Size 34 Inches
Shoe Size 8  (US)
Body  Measurements 34-26-34 Inches

Sana Althaf was born in Lagazpi in Kerala, India, and is one of six children of Muslim converts. She was separated from her younger sister at a very early age and has spent much of her early life in Singapore, where her parents worked to make both ends meet by sending their daughter to school, and caring for her father and two sisters in their native Tamil culture. It was in the year 1989 when Sana Althaf began her career in Malayalam films, and she is generally credited as having first made a feature film since the late eighties. Her first two Tamil movies that came out after her educational stint in Singapore were “Chinn” (1990) and “Tunkan” (1991).

Sana Althaf was popular amongst the people of Kerala at the time because she was the only non-Keralian in the starring role in one of the two movies. Her first major role in a Kerala biopic was in “Mankatha” (1994), and after that she just received more starring roles in various other popular Tamil movies. Her first experience of acting outside of Malayalam was in the movie called “Chinn” where she played an ethnic Keral girl called Ayam Mariamma. After that she appeared in “Nanban” (also 1994), and “Singh in King” (also 1996), all of which showcased her talent for costumes and makeup. Sana Althaf’s career really took off after she began appearing in more Hollywood movies and in particular in the movie series “Empire” on the FX network.

Today, Sana Althaf can be recognized by many who have cast her in their favorite Telugu or some genre film. She has also received many honors and awards for her performances in the Tamil cinema, including an accolade from the Screen Awards for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Feature Film. Sana Althaf’s love for art and expression has been clearly evident in the work she has done both in the theater and in her personal life. As a result, she has become a well-known artist in her own right, and she continues to work diligently to hone both her acting skills and her creative abilities.

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