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Sanober Kabir Bra Size & Body Measurements

Sanober Kabir Bra size is one of the most popular and significant details for women’s fashion. Sanober Kabir is actually derived from Sanskrit and means “hot foot”. The name of Sanober, actually means “little hot foot”. That is why many women actually think that the character is sexy and attractive because of her tiny size.

So what are these facts about Sanober Kabir? Sanber was actually an actress before she became a fashion icon. She actually appeared in a number of Indian films, including Ra phone Chaat, Ayyuvam, etc. In 1998, Sanber was listed among the “Funniest Women on the World” by Time Magazine.

Bra Size & Body Measurements

Bra Size 36 B
Waist Size 27 Inches
Hips Size 38 Inches
Shoe Size 8  (US)
Body  Measurements 36-27-38 Inches

Sanber has brown hair and brown eyes. Her skin complexion is pale to a small tinge of tan. Her most famous and best-known character is Jasmine, from the cartoon series of the same name. Sanber has brown eyes and brown hair. Her skin complexion is pale to a small tinge of tan.

Sanber is the daughter of Priya and Kavindran, both of whom are prominent personalities in the city of Chennai in Southern India. She was actually born in Chennai but moved to New Delhi after marrying her husband. Sanber is the sister of Yash Chopra, who was married to Indira Gandhi, former President of India. Another sister of Sanber is Mrs. Jaya Kumar, who was Sanber’s mother. Sanber’s younger sister is Mrs. Mani Kumar, who is Sanber’s granddaughter.

Sanber was a dancer and singer in her younger days, and that is what primarily helped her get tied with the Indian Film industry. She worked with various production houses of Tamil films in both India and Australia, which helped hone her acting skills. Sanber was also in a couple of movies in Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Thailand. All these experiences served as the foundation for her versatile acting abilities that are remembered even today. Most of Sanber’s films in Tamil Nadu have been forgotten by Tamilians, but those who have seen them feel that they are perfect for the tamil genre.

Sanber was also known to be an excellent cook and a good housekeeper. Her biography, age, height, Wiki, and husband all point out that she could take care of herself even during her old age. She has kept a fine body and a healthy spirit throughout her life and is proud of her accomplishments. Sanber is still remembered fondly by her fans and friends as the woman that dared to change gender and did it with dignity. It would not have been possible without her fearless attitude and feminine personality. Sanber has been called as the “Indian Snow Queen”, and it is due to her sheer presence on this earth that we can say that she is the epitome of beauty in Indian culture.

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