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Seetha Biography is a biographical sketch of Indian actress, Seetha Parmar, based on her novels. Seetha has portrayed different characters in different movies and plays. Seetha was born in 18 53 at Belgaum, Goa. Seetha was a distant relation of Jai Mahal, a well-known personality from Goa. She was known as a bold personality and her daring ways often earned her a reputation as “The Fist of Five” or “The Queen of Five”.

Seetha was married to MLA Bhagirath in 18 67 at Belgaum. Seetha was known for being rebellious towards her mother and father, as her mother was always looking out for her best interest even at the expense of Seetha’s own interests. Seetha was often used as a domestic servant in her mother’s household. As a result of this she developed a strong distaste for her chores. She desired to be treated as an equal member of the family and in this respect her attitude towards her mother and father changed completely over the years.

Bra Size & Body Measurements

Bra Size 36 B
Waist Size 25 Inches
Hips Size 35 Inches
Shoe Size 8  (US)
Body  Measurements 36-25-35 in

Seetha was a popular name in Goa during the early days and she had a steady following of devotees who wanted to know everything about Seetha and her childhood and early marriage to Bhagirath. Seetha was a favorite TV actor on that era of television and she was known by a number of aliases such as Seetha Parmar, Seetha Vaidya and Seetha Shastra. The Seetha Biography by Bapu Phadnis narrates that Seetha started as a cleaner at the municipal Corporation but in the evenings she used to roam around looking for men to go to a theatre with. When she discovered that Bhagirath was a fan of the tv show of Hindi movie serial called Kaal Baad she decided to marry him.

Seetha was known for being a bold and intelligent character and at times she went against the wishes of her parents and other elders in her family. In fact Seetha had a very difficult time when it came to marrying Bhagirath because she resented the fact that her father had played a key role in the process of her marriage. The marriage itself however did not prove to be auspicious and on the day of the wedding Seetha along with her friends went to a theatre to watch the performance of a well-known Hindi actor named Satish. Satish was a good performing Hindi actor whom they had never seen before in their lives and they noticed Seetha watching him. Satish noticed that Seetha was not following the proper etiquette of ladies at that point in time and as a result he mockingly said that he was going to give her a divorce.

Seetha however did not take it well and when her friends tried to stop her from getting upset, she got violent saying that her marriage with Bhagirath was fixed. Her friends tried to calm her down but Seetha ignored them and simply went to her room. After several hours she was found dead in the toilet by a taxi driver who later found out that Seetha had taken poison. As this happened in the middle of summer it is very possible that Seetha was at the beach when her body was shifted to a nearby hospital. Many people believe that she committed suicide as that was the way that she had been treated in the countryside by her parents in the past.

Seetha Biography continues to grow in popularity in India today especially after many movies were made about her life. A lot of Indian viewers watch Tamil movies on television, especially when their favorite actor is in the story. She had a major role in one movie as that of an aging actress who played a pivotal character. Most of us have heard of her name either from her television shows or from the movies but what exactly is Seetha? That is something that many fans of Tamil cinema do not know about.

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