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Shamim Bano Bra Size & Body Measurements

Shamim Bano is a Pakistani actress and singer who has achieved popularity with her roles in movies. Born to a Pashtun family of small landowners and farmers, settled at a village called Lodi in Punjab, migrated to Lahore and later to Bombay (now Mumbai). Her father was a well-known sharpener, while her mother was an accomplished poet. Shamim was a very shy girl, which explains her decision to become an actress. She had been castrated at the age of eleven by her father as an attempt to curb her rebellious behavior, but she was too young to understand that this was just a form of treatment.

She went on to study at a girls’ school in Lahore, where she was apprenticed under the tutelage of Saleem Badshahi. After graduation, she joined the prestigious Allama Safa Zafar Hedayat ul-Qadir at Cholokhar College in Lahore. She then appeared in a number of notable films in Hindi and Pakistani languages, including the epic Banarasiyaan, written by Mirza Ghalib and titled Banarasiyaan. She then appeared in Jodha Akbar’s India – A Story of War (Khan ka Maseeh) and Jodha Akbar’s Something Happen Among Us (Cholokhar Baatha). She later appeared in Rajkumar Kohli’s Kismet Konnection (Konnection Party), Manish Malhotra’s Savitri (The Bodyguard) and Sharukh Khan’s Welcome Back (Rehearsal).

Bra Size & Body Measurements

Bra Size 34 B
Waist Size 25 Inches
Hips Size 36 Inches
Shoe Size 8  (US)
Body  Measurements 34-25-36 Inches

Shamim Bano is now busy in her own film production career. She has scripted for multiple feature films, and her first Hindi title to reach the screens is slated to be Singh is King (directed by S.S. Rajendran). It is interesting that Shamim Bano’s credits also include the popular telephonic comedy duo of Apoorji Pallor and T.V. producer Salim Ali, who is behind ‘Chak De!

After working in the Hindi market as an actress for the past few years, Shamim Bano is now preparing to direct a project based on a novel written by her friend S.S. Rajendran. The book in question is titled Raat (The Robot), and the project is expected to be released in early next year. The interesting part of this development is that Bano is also going to co-direct a project of hers, called Damini (The Girl Who Played With the Stars) which is being produced by her friend and colleague Apoorji Pallor.

This co-directing venture by the Mumbai film director is in pre-production stage at the moment, and Bhai Dooj (honoring the late Muhammad Karam Shah – one of the most famous and loved Pakistani cinema directors) is scheduled for later this year. It is interesting that the late Karam Shah was a great lover of Indian cinema, and his contributions to the industry cannot be ignored. Some of his greatest films were amongst the best ever made in Pakistan, and we can only hope that his achievements are properly recognized when his tribute movie, named after him, is released. This will be a very high-quality film, and it will go a long way in taking last to the next level. If Bhai Dooj was to be a flop, at least one big name from Pakistani cinema would surely follow.

One must also remember that since Karam Shah’s death, there have been many talented young Pakistani directors emerging who have given us some truly wonderful films. However, it’s always a bit difficult to determine which of these new talents are the next big thing in Pakistani cinema, since the past few years have produced exactly none at all. Therefore, it’s always wise to wait and see which of these names will make a comeback, since the last few years haven’t been kind to Pakistani films at all. If you are looking forward to seeing some good Pakistani movies this year, make sure to start watching Shamim Bano next.

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