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Shohreh Aghdashloo Bra Size & Body Measurements

Born in Southern India, Shohreh Aghdashloo is an accomplished actress, singer and writer. She rose to stardom as a child in the musical, Om Shanti Om. In her early years in Hollywood, Aghdashloo rose to be one of the top ten highest paid actresses in the entire world. A prolific writer, Aghdashloo has written for many television shows including Shield, Frasier, Smallville, MacGyver, ER, Dynasty, Bridesmaid, Six seasons of Law & Order, Chuck and the Big Bang Theory, Criminal Minds, Justified, Raising Helen and many others. Please, note: all American speakers bureau is an authorized talent booking agency offering information on booking Shohreh Aghdashloo or any other speakers of similar credentials for speaking engagements, corporate events and personal appearances.

Born in Imamabad, an ancient Persian city, Shohreh Aghdashloo is originally from the Qashqai town in Lassa, Egypt. There she acted in a number of popular songs and also appeared in a number of famous movies including Kaffir Girl. Shohreh Aghdashloo began her career in Hollywood when she was cast as a young Iranian girl in the movie, Nobody Speak French. Shohreh Aghdashloo then played a pivotal role in the movie The Damned United, which was set in the US during the civil war.

Bra Size & Body Measurements

Bra Size 36 B
Waist Size 26 Inches
Hips Size 36 Inches
Shoe Size 8  (US)
Body  Measurements 36-26-36  Inches

Aghdashloo then appeared in the award-winning British film, Egypt on the third Floor, as an actress playing a supporting role opposite Helena Bonham Carter as the glamorous Sarah Bernhardt. In this film she plays the role of Sarah Bernhardt, an orphan who was once married to an abusive regime. She then had the misfortune of having her eyes burnt out by her husband, forcing her to give up her American citizenship and traveling to Iran to live with her cousin. This was the start of her wonderful and successful career in film that would see Shohreh Aghdashloo has become one of the most respected and well-known actresses in Hollywood.

For many years Aghdashloo continued to work in the films and TV shows of Britain, but in the late eighties she decided to move to Los Angeles, California and take a role on the popular soap opera, Happy Days. For the role she had to shave her head and wear a winkle. However, this did not prevent her from being one of the most loved characters on the show, as her perfectly coiffed hair and perfect skin did wonders for the morale of the happy times. After leaving Happy Days, Aghdashloo went onto take the lead role in the television drama, Gossip Girl, playing the clever and sophisticated Cora.

Shohreh Aghdashloo’s first two seasons on Gossip Girl were not well received by critics. However, after the show became more successful, Aghdashloo made more popular and critically acclaimed films such as Pleasantville, Office Space and finally the hit movie The Wolf of Wall Street. She has since gone on to play leading roles in movies such as Barbie, Alice in Wonderland, Edward Scissorhands and the forthcoming The Face of the lion. Her other acting roles have seen her appear in TV shows such as Doctors, Law and Order and Chuck. Despite her large CV, Shohreh Aghdashloo is perhaps best known for her award-winning role as the Iranian actress Emme Ermeni, in the movie Theolfi.

Shohreh Aghdashloo’s life changes drastically when she is chosen to act in Theolfi, an Iran Movie. She was born in England but was actually born in Iran. She was married to an American man for 10 years before moving to California. She has always maintained strong links to the west, visiting Dubai regularly. Aghdashloo’s name comes from a phrase that means ‘crowned princess’. This is why she is so proud of her British heritage and her association with the British film industry.

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