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Soleil Moon Frye Bra Size & Body Measurements

American actress and screenwriter Soleil Moon Frye (aka; so le / les) is an American actor, screenwriter and producer. She is known for her voice over work including appearing on Law and Order: SVU and ER. After the first Punky Brewsters show ended, she continued her acting career starring guest spots on several television shows and supporting characters in movies.

Moon is best known as a voice-over artist, but also has written books and served as an executive producer on a number of different television shows. She is perhaps best known for her childhood role as the cynical and sarcastic Assistant to the Chief of Police in the sitcom Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The character was a fictionalized version of herself that Moon provided in her audition. This role earned Moon an eventual voice-over job on the Star Wars movie Revenge of the Sith.

Bra Size & Body Measurements

Bra Size 36 B
Waist Size 26Inches
Hips Size 35 Inches
Shoe Size 8 (US)
Body  Measurements 37-26-35  inches

During the mid nineties, Moon developed a reputation for developing successful movies and TV shows, including the popular Soleil Moon sitcom that featured an eclectic cast of characters that would include his best friend, his assistant, a Mexican Cart Driver, a frat brother, and a police officer. In this sitcom, Moon’s character became the most popular supporting character. For this role she had an unrivaled voice-over talent that impressed Star Wars fans, who voted to keep her in the lead role. Another advantage that Moon enjoyed was the fact that she was able to maintain her non-speaking status while making movies. She would reprise her role as Soleil Moon in the TV series, The Shield, and also in some of her movies, most notably the remake of thehareware hit The Pursuit of Happyness.

Two Years Running: Two Years Running was not an entirely new concept for Star Wars fans. The holographic recording technique had been used in some form since Return of the Jedi, but it was only on the screen in small doses. In this version it was expanded upon considerably. Soleil Moon’s character was presented as a hologram of Princess Leia Organa, who was sent to rescue Luke Skywalker from the Galactic Empire. As you can imagine, this was a pretty tall order for a young actress with only a few years of experience.

Eventually Moon landed a role on another popular television show, The Suite Life on CBS. This sitcom featured a variety of characters, which included Moon’s good friend, chef Leela de Leon. Leela was a spunky thirty-two-year-old playboy who worked at Leela’s restaurant. It is safe to say that Leela was the influence behind Soleil Moon.

After receiving a number of viewer votes, Moon decided to come back for a second season with a brand new look. She teamed up with fellow child star’s Leela de Leon and Amy Grant to create a new group of characters. The first episode was a hit, and The Suite Life on CBS was renewed for a second season. For the second season, Soleil Moon Frye would be playing the role of the chef, and the series would air across numerous networks.

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