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Sonia Agarwal Bra Size & Body Measurements

Sonia Agarwal is a renowned Bollywood actress and one of the first to experiment with high fashion in Indian society. Her first major role in Hollywood was as an extra in the movie Yoga. Sonia Agarwal is an accomplished personality with varied credentials. Born in 1954, Sonia Agarwal has a thick, dark hair which she loves to show off. Sonia Agarwal biography is replete with interesting facts about her early days in Hollywood. The most interesting fact that has come to light through her personal life is her interest in fashion and size measurement.

Sonia Agarwal is known for her youthful looks and body measurements, which have led to her being categorized as an international fashion queen. Sonia Agarwal was married to Ashok Naval in 1998. They had two sons, Pappu and Kavy are also born to them. Sonia Agarwal has worked hard on her physique and is today an attractive and curvaceous looking women. She has been married to prominent personalities like Shivaji in Bollywood, Ravi Teja in H Bombay and Kiran Bedi in Rajasthan. Sonia Agarwal’s versatile acting skills have given her varied roles in Hollywood.

Bra Size & Body Measurements

Bra Size 34 B
Waist Size 25 Inches
Hips Size 36 Inches
Shoe Size 8  (US)
Body  Measurements 34-25-36 Inches

Sonia Agarwal’s body measurements and figures have earned her many fans throughout her acting career. Sonia Agarwal biography says that her favorite among her many roles is the small role of Subodh in Kill Bill, where she plays the character of an assassin. This small role made her famous and in 1980 she was nominated for an Oscar for her performance in Kill Bill. This was one of the few films of this era in which Sonia Agarwal did not need a size 36 bra.

Her other films include Bandita (1985), Jhelum (1986), Koolaidi Inn (1987), Zorushya (1988), Apne (1990), Deewana Yatra (1991), Kedar Bhairav (1992), Kedar Ran (1993), Daya (1994), Arundhati Vardhan (1994) and Apnezkode (1995). Sonia Agarwal has also acted in several movies in which she was supposed to be super models. However, her body measurements and figures did not measure up to the required degree, as reported by media sources. However, some media sources reported that she did exercise regularly for keeping her weight at the ideal level. However, no medical records were available to confirm this. It is also not known whether she has undergone any plastic surgeries since her early years in Bollywood.

Sonia Agarwal’s official website says that Sonia has always been an avid sports person. She participates in wrestling, basketball and softball, but not in football. She has played basketball and tennis. Further, her Sonia agarwal website says that Sonia loves to swim, cycle, hike, cycle, run and play badminton.

Sonia Agarwal, who has brown eyes and brown hair color, has recently been married to a film producer from Telangana. The name of the producer is Subodh Gupta and he is the main owner of a company called “teased”. The website of Sonia Agarwal has updated soon after her marriage. The website says that she is currently looking for work and looking forward to experiencing a wonderful adventure in her profession. Sonia Agarwal has not yet disclosed her next film in terms of genre or a description of the character, she will be playing.

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