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Suvalakshmi Bra Size & Body Measurements

Suvalakshmi Biography has been known as one of the most celebrated women historians from South India who portrayed strong characters. Suvalakshmi was a talented actress who excelled in her early years and went on to be known for her performances in films like Anushka Sen and Betamela. Suvalakshmi was married to Kamal Amrohi, a member of the elite Rajput clan, but her husband later gave her away. Suvalakshmi’s life was full of tragedy, which is well depicted in her many films including Kismet Kranti, Kayan ka Todai, etc.

Suvalakshmi Biography Suvalakshmi’s official biographers do not mention her bust size as being large, but this is highly debated by critics who believe it is definitely larger than what she is credited to have. Suvalakshmi’s weight was always a mystery and it is believed that she used to bathe herself in the lake at Rambakkala in Tamil Nadu where the legend has it that she used to give birth to her son Vaitapeer. However, Suvalakshmi’s weight fluctuates considerably throughout the seasons as she had been known to shed a lot of weight when her fame declined. In fact, she was so determined to lose weight that she had been known to go on a diet with the help of her friends and end up following a rigorous exercise routine at times. Suvalakshmi’s bust size may be medium or bust-size 35 B and could range from a size A to an AA.

Bra Size & Body Measurements

Bra Size 35 B
Waist Size 25 Inches
Hips Size 35 Inches
Shoe Size 8  (US)
Body  Measurements 35-25-35 Inches

Suvalakshmi’s dress sense was known to be voluminous and she was dressed in outfits that were elaborate and extravagant. Suvalakshmi wore sarees that reached down to the ankles, which were studded with jewelry and plates. On the other hand, some reports suggest that Suvalakshmi was also the first Indian woman to wear high heeled shoes. Suvalakshmi’s bust size is known to have been A-line and she was sometimes referred to as Princess Suvalakshmi.

Suvalakshmi was known to have spent her early years in the royal courts of Mysore in India and she was a fluent speaker. She is also believed to have written at least one play and she is also known to have worked as a teacher as well as a dancer. Suvalakshmi was married twice and according to one biographer, she never liked it and kept her first marriage for the sake of her daughters. Her second marriage was to Kumar Bhaisarayan and they had a son named Priyas.

Suvalakshmi’s life was celebrated at length by her biographer Satya Jivanath who wrote a book entitled Suvalakshmi-Khandra. This book offers a detailed look at Suvalakshmi’s life and times as well as the culture that surrounded her. The book details the times when she was away from her family as well as the various kings who came into her kingdom. The book details where she spent her days as well as the places that she visited on her travels. Another interesting aspect of the book is that it gives an account of the poison that was used to kill Suvalakshmi.

Suvalakshmi-Khandra describes how the powerful Kashi rulers sent an expeditionary force to attack Mysore but the forces were defeated by the Marathis and they fled to their capital of Jaipur. The biographer quotes Mysore saying that he would not let the Marathis take the city because it was his home and he had done so many times before. The Marathis however repelled the army and reclaimed the city for themselves. Suvalakshmi returned to her kingdom and after some time retired to her farmhouse at Sarnath. All this is covered in Suvalakshmi-Khandra.

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