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Tahira Kochhar Bra Size & Body Measurements

Tahira Kochhar is the most eligible biographer of Indian writer Amrita Sher-Gil. She has out rightly named her as the “Indian female Manicurist.” The forty-two-year-old author has been working on a biography of the great Indian writer since she was twenty-one. This project has given rise to a new woman in the literary world – a biographer who has not confined her area of interest to one literary genre or the other. Instead, she has written books on Indian politics and religion, on art and on literature.

According to the biographer, there are two aspects to her mind that set it apart from many women – her deep abiding faith in herself and austerity for beauty. Both these aspects are evident in the ten books that Kochhar has composed. The first book, published in 1986, is entitled A Small World. It is about three sisters – Pappu, Teela and Mayela who live in Calcutta. They are known for their rebellious nature and are involved in a series of petty wars that tear at the fabric of their community. This is an example of a woman who is not afraid to shed tears while writing about people’s sufferings.

Bra Size & Body Measurements

Bra Size 34 B
Waist Size 28 Inches
Hips Size 34 Inches
Shoe Size 8  (US)
Body  Measurements 34 – 26 – 34 Inches

The second book, entitled After the Dream, covers the period between the late sixties and early seventies. Here we see Kochhar at a much older age but yet carrying on the energy and enthusiasm of her youth. She gossips about various topics while dressed in fancy costumes and goes to the extent of describing the minutest details of dressing. In this book we find her expressing herself in her own words. It is evident that she has not lost her enthusiasm for reading and writing – at least not to the extent of quoting passages from these books.

The third book, Anais’s Portrait is a collection of her essays, poems and short stories. It is obvious that she feels the need to describe herself as the author and that she wants readers to accept her as an authentic woman who holds her own bra size in respect. The fact that she describes herself as fat is just one aspect of this. She also discusses the social aspects of obesity in women and how she coped with it as a young girl.

The focus of the story is on how she coped with being fat in the society of those times. This is another book in the series that talks about life in a patriarchal Indian society that regards women of a certain bra size as inferior. She talks about how she overcame that and how other women are helping her to do so. The fact that she is a nurse by profession does not dim her importance here. This is the book that has transformed Kochhar from an aspiring writer into a successful and well read author.

A woman cannot be categorized by size and shape as some modern day chauvinists would like us to believe. Being a woman, an aspiring writer, mother and the author of a best selling book; this is not going to turn out to be a fluff book. This is a classy book that leaves you engrossed in its pages. Well-written, well organized and written by a true writer, this book is a must have for all women.

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