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Tia Carrere born Bra Size & Body Measurements

Tia Carre was born in Uruguay. She was raised in Brazil as her mother is Brazilian and her father is American. Her birth certificate lists her as Carreiro de Gracia. Tia was just 5 when her parents moved to Uruguay, and by all accounts grew up very well.

Tia became a celebrated dancer during her childhood, particularly at Rio de Janeiro. She studied ballet with Joane Bolle, whom she later went onto act with. Tia also studied tap and flamenco dance with Carlos Moise, whom she worked with in films. It was during the late ’70s that Tia Carre began working in the modeling and theatre scenes in Brazil, before moving to New York. Tired of being a model, she decided to move to Paris, and began studying the works of artistes such as Andre Courreges. Courreges became interested in Tia and wanted to know more about her, so he invited her to spend a week with him in Paris, which led to a friendship that would last for the rest of their lives.

Bra Size & Body Measurements

Bra Size 36 B
Waist Size 24 Inches
Hips Size 35 Inches
Shoe Size 8  (US)
Body  Measurements 36-24-35 Inches

Courreges and Tia were soon to become lovers, although it wasn’t easy for Tia to open her heart to the art that Courreges practised. It was not until he brought her to the United States that she was able to see the beautiful work of Courreges and also to understand the culture of the Brazilian people. Eventually Tia Carre was to learn that the culture of Brazil appreciated beauty – and that they appreciated it more than the majority of other cultures. With this understanding, Tia Carre was able to fully embrace her Brazilian roots and her heritage, and to see her family and roots.

Tia was raised in Brazil, but in the United States, she became a US citizen. Tia’s parents had emigrated to the United States originally from Brazil, so Tia was one of three children. She was a great student and excelled at everything she tried. She studied accounting, law and public relations. When she graduated in 1970 she joined the ranks of graduating college students with a “B” average and was disappointed that she received only a “C” for her writing.

But after years of hard work and determination she finally earned a “D” for her writing and was named one of the best college students of the year. It was during this time that Tia Carre decided to study abroad. Once she had completed her education, she decided to visit her family in Brazil. She had always liked Brazil, and upon her return home, she resolved to make good on her promise to her family, and visit them.

Traveling was not easy for Tia, and she had to overcome the language barrier, since most Americans did not speak Portuguese. Fortunately, she also kept in contact with her family. When her father passed away, Tia knew that it would be a challenge to organize his funeral, but she was helped by her cousin. Her cousin told her that she should go to Portugal to be able to pay for the funeral, since her family would not be able to afford it, and suggested that she look into applying for a scholarship. Tia Carre was accepted and went on to study law in Lisbon. After two years of studying, Tia Carre earned a degree in Law.

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