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Udhayathara Bra Size & Body Measurements

Udhayathara Biography is one of the major faces of Kerala’s Malayalam movie industry. Udhayathara starred in some very interesting films including ‘Kumarakom’ and ‘Nanban’. She is a name that has been familiar to movie buffs in India and abroad for many decades now. She has also acted in some Hollywood films too. Most people are familiar with the name Udhayathara simply because they have seen her on the television screen.

Udhayathara was born at Udhayathara in Kumarakom, Thiruvallam district of Kerala. Her real name is Udayin Mariamman. Udhayathara has always claimed to be her true name to people in India and abroad do not accept this and refer to her as Udhayathari. According to one report, Udhayathara was married to Kamal Amrohi, the name she used during her earlier profession. The marriage failed and she was separated from Amrohi after four years.

Bra Size & Body Measurements

Bra Size 36 B
Waist Size 25 Inches
Hips Size 38 Inches
Shoe Size 8  (US)
Body  Measurements 36-25-38 Inches

The real name of Udhayathara was changed when she went to Udhagamandalam to look for work. There she was introduced to locals there by Keralites and she changed her real name to Udayin Mariamman. As it is very difficult to change your real name in India, most of the time, people in India to refer to her as Udhayathara Mariamman and she uses the name Udhayathara even when she is working in Singapore and Malaysia now.

Udhayathara had three daughters, Udayin, Ravi and Kanaka who were born in 1815 in Kerala. The daughters were married off at the age of fifteen and all the four daughters eventually came to live in Udhagamandalam. They had a simple home with none of the modern amenities that are available in other Indian cities. The home did not have a water tap and no electricity and hence they subsisted on tea and coffee.

However, there are some interesting historical facts about Udhayathara. The real name Udhayathara was given to Udayin by a Malabar ruler while she was being transported to Calicut in search of her brother. Udhayathara’s body measurements were ascertained by the natives of the region. The size of Udhayathara’s body measurements matched that of a peach sable.

Ravi was the first child to get married. Kanaka died in infancy and Ravi was betrothed to Sharmila who died in childbirth. The story behind Ravi and Kanaka is one of the most interesting in Udhayathara Biography. Kanaka wanted his real name to be Udhayathara but could not find it in any book so he named Ravi.

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