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Vanishree Bra Size & Body Measurements

  1. Vanishree Biography is an autobiography of Vanishree Bhardwaj. Born in 1969, she has gone through a lot of experiences that have helped her in writing this very interesting book. Her mother was a school teacher; her father was in the armed forces and died in action while she was studying at university. It was during this time that Vanishree started her career in theatre with appearing in some popular shows like Mahesh Babu, Jhumar and Bhumika in the late sixties.
  2. It was then she decided to switch loyalties from theatre to screen but with a series of mixed results. She tried her hand at being an actor but didn’t really receive any success in her first two films. After some time in Bollywood, she also tried her hand at doing screenplays but never received any call back from anywhere. When she decided to take a break from acting she decided to write a novel. It was her first non-performing work and she felt she had nothing better to write about.
  3. Bra Size & Body Measurements
Bra Size 34 B
Waist Size 27 Inches
Hips Size 34 Inches
Shoe Size 8  (US)
Body  Measurements 34-27-34 Inches
  1. After this, she decided to go into the fashion industry but was told by everyone that she would never be able to succeed in it because of her small size. Even the male fashion designers said she would look horrible on the catwalks. This was when she understood the need of a product that could help women like herself who were not endowed with big bodies. That is where Vanishree Bhardwaj came into picture. She had come up with a product called Vanishree Bra which would help women to wear smaller sized clothes comfortably.
  2. Vanishree Bra was a much loved product and even made its way into the lives of millions of people around the world. She was also known to feature in many Indian movies including Kismet Konnection. Her popularity spread all over the globe and even movies like Bandit (1992) and Kannan (1994) made her even more famous. Even Indian television programs like Dooj (1992), Kichai (1994) featured the actress.
  3. Vanishree is actually the name of her famous character in the movie. So, when the show began, she was simply called Vanishree. The show lasted for eight seasons and went on to become one of the most watched shows in history. It went on to be watched by millions of people in over 200 countries. It also featured popular actors like Neha Dhani and Ranaaqeejay.
  4. Vanishree was a great success in India and became the talk of the town. It introduced a whole new set of youngsters who were eager to join the bandwagon of show business. Other similar shows also followed suit in different countries including America and England. Vanishree trivia would include all of the facts about the show, as well as its cast and crew, if there are any.

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