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Zeng Huifen Bra Size & Body Measurements

Zeng Huifen, better known as Yang Guofeng in the English-language version, is a Chinese American actor who lives in Los Angeles. He is most well-known for his role as in the Hollywood film American Pie (1986). In the movie, he played the character of Danny Zuko, a restaurant waitress. He is married and has two children. Zeng Huifen was born in Los Angeles, California, the son of Chinese immigrants from Fujian province.

Zeng Huifen is not the only Chinese American who has made a name for himself in the world of theater. There have been many such successful Chinese American actors in the world of theater in the past few decades. For instance, David Strathairn, who portrayed Huang Xiaoming in the popular TV sitcom Happy Days, became a pop singer in the West. Jackie Chan, who went on to fame as the super-strong martial arts master Bruce Lee in many movies, also became a pop singer in the west. In fact, his career spanned over four decades in the Hollywood film industry.

Bra Size & Body Measurements

Bra Size 29 B
Waist Size 22 Inches
Hips Size 31 Inches
Shoe Size 7 (US)
Body  Measurements 29-22-31 inches

The success of Zeng Huifen, like that of other Chinese American actors, can be attributed to the popularity of the late Chinese actress, Li Bingbing. She managed to capture the heart of the American public due to her cute and charming looks and her winning personality. Like Li Bingbing, Zeng Huifen also exudes physical beauty that most people admired. Thus, the two stars united on the hit Chinese television soap opera, Zeng Huifang (lit. “The Long Goodbye”), a series that lasted for eleven seasons.

Like its main cast, Zeng Huifen enjoyed immense popularity in the United States. It was even chosen as the best Chinese American drama in some polls. This was surprising for a show which had only limited promotion in the United States. One reason for this might be the fact that Li Bingbing, who played the role of Zeng Huifen, had never before been seen in an American television show or movie. In fact, Li Bingbing had even moved to the United States for study at a famous university in Michigan. Her sudden success may be attributable to the fact that she played a character whose ethnicity – Chinese – was unknown to the audience in the United States.

Another reason for Zeng Huifen’s popularity in the US may be the long history of association with a legendary figure from Chinese cinema, Jackie Chan. Though it is not clear how much influence Chan had on Zeng Huifen’s popularity, it can be safely assumed that the star’s name was instrumental in making the show popular. The main cast of Zeng Huifen also included recognizable Chinese American stars like Lin Mingzeh and Chow Yunfeng. Other actors who may have had small parts in the show include Huang Xiaoming, Hong Kong’s most famous martial arts exponent; Feng Shui, a prominent consultant to the Chinese government; and Yin Jing, a well-known Chinese essayist. In some ways, Zeng Huifen represented a new type of Chinese American entertainment – an Americanized form of Chinese theater with elements of humor and western elements.

The story of Zeng Huifen bears a striking similarity to that of Kung Fu. Unlike Kung Fu, Zeng Huifen tended to follow the plot of old Chinese moral tales where the good person dies in the end and the evil one lives on. But while it was true that most of the main cast of Zeng Huifen died in the end, most of the secondary cast – including Lin Mingzeh, Chow Yunfeng and Feng Shui – turned out to be heroes who established new dynasties.

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